Be - Loved Arise Shine
Once You Awaken to Your True Identity in Christ - Game Over
by Rachel Inouye

You are the beloved. You are sealed and secure in Christ, awakening to the truth of who you are and your true identity is a game changer. This truth will help you get off the porch, break out of the box of limitation you've believed about yourself or God and embolden you to leave the pew because you are made to SHINE! The world is waiting and watching.
He Speaks / I'm Listening
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He Speaks book
He Speaks book plus I'm Listening Companion Journal

With all the voices that clamor for our attention, can we really train ourselves to hear the voice of God? How do we discern His voice amongst all the others? In He Speaks, Rachel shares her years of experience in developing the art of the little boy Samuel said, "Speak Lord, for your servant hears". "He Speaks" is an invitation into greater intimacy with God

Lily Pads
Stories Of God On Display
by Rachel Inouye

Lily Pads contains slice of life stories that reveal God. It's about hearing God's voice though the everyday noise.
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Do you enjoy receiving a note in the mail? Handwritten cards are quite rare and are like gems amongst bills, ads and junk mail. These notes are therefore precious.
Each set of Rachel's notecards include envelopes and eight scripture verses to choose from to include in your crafted note. These notecards make great gifts! (Each pack includes an assortment of eight prints of Rachel's original acrylic paintings.)

"I love your notecards Rachel, but I want you to make your Lily Pads painting into notecards too- I'd buy them for sure! You should get those printed."
That's all it took. Knowing her friend would be blessed to have them was reason to print some.
They come in a package of eight identical card and eight envelopes. Also included are eight scripture verse suggestions to choose from when writing your own handwritten notes. Everyone likes a note of encouragement, blessing or a quick thank you card, right? Order yours today!