You are amazing! There...I said it and it's TRUE!

I help people celebrate their significance and the genius of God in them.

I've seen how people compare themselves to others, feel overwhelmed, anxious and even distant from God. This has to change.

I am a Spirit-filled woman who believes God is good, He is for us NOT against us! I'm convinced I'm on the planet to encourage, speak life, offer hope and expose lies that block intimacy with God and undermine our true identity.    

I am amazed by God's grace and kindness to me in life's difficult circumstances. I delight to bring a perspective shift!  Using stories, Scripture, and song we laugh and cry together

Audience members leave uplifted with reclaimed hope and joy and new zeal for the journey

I've spoken to thousands of amazing people.  Here are just a few testimonials. 

CONTACT ME!   Let's get your event on my calendar.

About Rachel
Hi I'm Rachel! I'm a child of the Most High God and the apple of his eye. That's my true identity!
I am also a: (listed in order they occurred in my life -daughter, sister, wife, teacher, mother, worship leader, speaker, author and blogger.)
I've been talking from the moment words came out of my mouth. When I was younger my father used to ask me, "Rachel are you saying something or are you just talking?" That has been a question that has impacted my life greatly. I found out, many year later, that my Dad said that because he was also asked, "Richard are you saying something or are you just talking?" by his uncle.
I'm married to Michael who is a fabulous person and my forerunner in life and ministy. He is a "Steady Eddie" and I'm the flighty one. We make a really great combo and I'm grateful for our years together. We met in our teens. We are both Iowans originally and proud of it!
We have three fabulous children Michael, Andrew and Grace and one daughter-in-love Amy who is married to our oldest, Michael. Yep, we are empty nesters. They're all grown now working and doing their thing. We are so proud of them.
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